A Few Facts First a few facts; solar radiation incident on earth’s surface is weak. As such solar photovoltaic cells can at best convert anywhere between 16% to 20% of this incident energy or sunlight into electricity only. This low efficiency coupled with multiple issues like cable loss, temperature variation, […]

Floating Solar Power Plant- It’s Feasibility and Opportunities in India

Why Opt for Hybrid Solar Power Solar/wind/biomass all have some or the other drawbacks, such as solar panels are costly & is not available in night or cloudy days; wind turbines can’t operate in high or low wind speeds and biomass plant collapse at low temperatures. So if attempt is […]

Solar Hybrid Power Systems and India

At first an interesting fact, as per the American Wind Energy Association, to generate 1 KW hour of electricity from nuclear power 2.3 litres of water are used on the other hand coal to generate 1 KW hour of electricity needs 1.9 litres and oil needs 1.6 litres respectively. While […]

Solar Power and Water Management

As the above table shows the carbon footprint generated by a US citizen is 15 times more than that generated by a Indian citizen. As rise in carbon footprint even through personal/individual activities affects climate change, so efforts should be made to cut down personal carbon footprint. Offsetting the CO2 […]

Tips to Cut Down Personal Carbon Footprint

Innovations in technology is helping in increased usage of solar energy, as the potential of solar power is endless. Innovations are making solar energy more accessible, cheaper, powerful and effective than costly polluting fossil fuels like oil, natural gas, coal. The huge increase in adoption solar power has resulted price […]

Top Solar Power Technology Innovations in 2016