As solar power gets cheaper by the day, the best way to make the best use of the drop in price if you have an existing solar panel system is to install extra solar panels and generate extra kW of energy. Also as your requirement increases after few years; if […]

Points to Consider for Upgrade of Existing Solar Panel System

Whether you want to enjoy living in a house or working in an office that uses grid-connected solar panels or off grid solar panel is up to you. In India, much of the solar power plants in urban/semi urban or even rural areas; are setup in grid connected/tied configuration owing […]

Grid-Tied, and Off-Grid Solar Panel Systems in India

Why Opt for Hybrid Solar Power Solar/wind/biomass all have some or the other drawbacks, such as solar panels are costly & is not available in night or cloudy days; wind turbines can’t operate in high or low wind speeds and biomass plant collapse at low temperatures. So if attempt is […]

Solar Hybrid Power Systems and India