A Few Facts First a few facts; solar radiation incident on earth’s surface is weak. As such solar photovoltaic cells can at best convert anywhere between 16% to 20% of this incident energy or sunlight into electricity only. This low efficiency coupled with multiple issues like cable loss, temperature variation, […]

Floating Solar Power Plant- It’s Feasibility and Opportunities in India

The latest and last full budget of 2018 has left the solar power companies a little bit miffed. While a lot has been done in the budget to promote the usage of solar power, even making it easier for farmers to adopt solar power and make money on the hind […]

Last Full Budget of 2018 Leaves Solar Power Companies Little ...

Even as the government of India is trying to implement the National Solar Mission to install 100 GW of solar power by 2022, there as several myths due to which people are still averse to install solar power at rooftops of their homes or even ground mounted panels. While many […]

25 Myths About Solar Power Debunked with Facts

Vivaan Solar as diamond sponsor; co-sponsored the National Conference on Communication Network and Cyber Security from 12th to 13th April 2017. The two-day National Conference was organized by Amity University Gwalior also known as Amity University Madhya Pradesh to discuss the paramount topic of communication network and cyber security. During the […]

Vivaan Solar Co-Sponsors NCCNCS 2017 Held @ Amity University Gwalior

Whether you want to enjoy living in a house or working in an office that uses grid-connected solar panels or off grid solar panel is up to you. In India, much of the solar power plants in urban/semi urban or even rural areas; are setup in grid connected/tied configuration owing […]

Grid-Tied, and Off-Grid Solar Panel Systems in India

Why Opt for Hybrid Solar Power Solar/wind/biomass all have some or the other drawbacks, such as solar panels are costly & is not available in night or cloudy days; wind turbines can’t operate in high or low wind speeds and biomass plant collapse at low temperatures. So if attempt is […]

Solar Hybrid Power Systems and India

Solar radiation varies throughout the day. As such it is very important that precise measurement of solar rays is done to design, develop, and analyze the performance of solar power plants.  A continuous spatial estimate using a satellite can be done, but the best data collection is done using ground-based […]

Solar Radiation Resource Assessment (SRRA) in India

The International Solar Alliance, a treaty-based inter-governmental organization of over 120 nations. The International Solar Alliance, launched at the end of UN Climate Change Conference 2015 or COP21 in Paris by Fracois Hollande, President of France and Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India aims to exploit potential of power and cut dependence […]

International Solar Alliance & India’s National Solar Mission

Well, to answer the above question, we must first need to understand a few important things: 1. Majority of the space is required to install solar panels. So when we use the term “solar system installation” we mean solar panel installation. Alongside the solar panels other equipment that need to […]

How to Choose Area to Install Solar PV System @ ...