Solar Power

A Few Facts First a few facts; solar radiation incident on earth’s surface is weak. As such solar photovoltaic cells can at best convert anywhere between 16% to 20% of this incident energy or sunlight into electricity only. This low efficiency coupled with multiple issues like cable loss, temperature variation, […]

Floating Solar Power Plant- It’s Feasibility and Opportunities in India

The latest and last full budget of 2018 has left the solar power companies a little bit miffed. While a lot has been done in the budget to promote the usage of solar power, even making it easier for farmers to adopt solar power and make money on the hind […]

Last Full Budget of 2018 Leaves Solar Power Companies Little ...

Solar energy is on its way to become ‘Fuel of the 21st Century’. As non-renewable and polluting sources of energy like petrol, diesel, nuclear power are on their way to be exhausted completely. Solar power as an environment friendly, reliable and sustainable source of energy can be utilized to meet […]

System Integrators – Instrumental in Progress of Solar Power in ...

Vivaan Solar is now rated as ‘SP 1A‘ from SMERA Ratings Limited. Vivaan Solar got the SP 1A rating for RESCO as well as SI for on grid connected rooftop categories. The grading as such indicates “Highest Performance Capability & Highest Financial Strength”. The grading framework is based on the […]

Vivaan Solar Gets ‘SP 1A’ Rating from SMERA

We are glad to share the news that Vivaan Solar is getting mentioned in print media on regular basis. We hope that the more we are able to win prestigious solar power projects including those of the Ministry of Railways, Government of India under ‘Mission 41K’ as well as other […]

Vivaan Solar Gets Mention in Print Media – 2

Even as the government of India is trying to implement the National Solar Mission to install 100 GW of solar power by 2022, there as several myths due to which people are still averse to install solar power at rooftops of their homes or even ground mounted panels. While many […]

25 Myths About Solar Power Debunked with Facts

Post Published as it is New Delhi : Vivaan Solar, the leading solar PV installation & development company get qualified to install 5MW rooftop solar power plant at four major railway stations in Delhi / NCR. The tender was issued by Northern Railways, New Delhi. The four stations are Anand […]

Vivaan Solar Gets Mention in Paripurna Railway Samachar

As solar power gets cheaper by the day, the best way to make the best use of the drop in price if you have an existing solar panel system is to install extra solar panels and generate extra kW of energy. Also as your requirement increases after few years; if […]

Points to Consider for Upgrade of Existing Solar Panel System

Vivaan Solar as diamond sponsor; co-sponsored the National Conference on Communication Network and Cyber Security from 12th to 13th April 2017. The two-day National Conference was organized by Amity University Gwalior also known as Amity University Madhya Pradesh to discuss the paramount topic of communication network and cyber security. During the […]

Vivaan Solar Co-Sponsors NCCNCS 2017 Held @ Amity University Gwalior

We are glad to share the news that Vivaan Solar is getting mentioned in print media on regular basis. We hope that the more we are able to win prestigious solar power projects across India including Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Punjab, NCR, Uttar Pradesh as well as execute solar photovoltaic power […]

Vivaan Solar Gets Mention in Print Media-Updated