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Solar energy is on its way to become ‘Fuel of the 21st Century’. As non-renewable and polluting sources of energy like petrol, diesel, nuclear power are on their way to be exhausted completely. Solar power as an environment friendly, reliable and sustainable source of energy can be utilized to meet power needs of residential areas and utility. In order to do that solar integrators also called systems integrators are the key to it.

Who are System Integrators

System Integrators or solar integrators also called full service EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) companies are instrumental in expansion of solar power. They are at the core of expansion of solar power in India under National Solar Mission that aims to generate 100 GW from solar power by 2022. The System integrators are full service capable companies with expertise to design variety of solar powered plants be it KW or MW scale; and rooftop/ground mounted. The System Integrators are also capable to developing and integrating solar parks either for captive use or for contract use by commercial and residential customers.

System Integrators as vertically integrated EPC contractors are capable of executing full range of solar power installation tasks, including designing of installation projects, procurement of materials as well as building related support structures. The EPC contractors working on projects developed in-house, generate revenues via sale of solar power (electricity) generated from completed solar power plants, either to commercial utilities ort private users like offices/factories/building. System integrators use their expertise to develop/plan/install solar power plants.

They not only talk to the customers to know their solar power requirement but also ensure that everything is set to order before work is started to set up the solar power systems. A system integrator makes use of services of licensed & trained specialists to install solar PV system as well as provide end user service.

What Else System Integrators Do

Some system integrators also work as Photo Voltaic electrical products suppliers, HVAC contractors, thermal plumbers, and even mechanical energy auditors. Some even carry out work as pool contractors for heating companies that have installed solar panels to make use of the sun’s rays to heat a swimming pool. System Integrators also take of all the paperwork related to permit, credits, tax incentives. After setting up a solar power unit they test the solar PV system to make sure it is working properly. Often, they have to carry out follow up inspection at regular intervals.

The system integrators that have variety of certifications and approvals from relevant authorities or have executed a few notable solar PV projects are the most preferred to carry out work on solar power projects.

The proliferation of solar power has ensured the System Integrators are the most important institutions for carrying out activities generally under four broad, inter-related categories, namely:-

Grid Performance and Reliability: The System Integrators help maintain efficiency of electrical transmission systems in a cost-effective manner.

Dispatchability: the System Integrators ensure that solar power is available to all on-demand, as an when, where needed.

Power Electronics: the System Integrators make use of intelligent devices to maximize the power output of solar power plants and interface them with the electric grid ensuring their optimal performance, safety at minimum cost.

Communications: the System Integrators create a system to monitor and control power generation, distribution, consumption of solar power effectively.

Consultancy: the System Integrators also give advice on optimal utilization of the solar PV arrays taking into consideration the shadow length, conceptualization, feasibility study, aesthetics, layout, dimension, installation, testing, commissioning of solar PV arrays, peak solar power that can be generated, cost estimation, energy/money savings per year.

Project Management – the System Integrators after finalizing of Project and project execution prepares all related technical documents, maintenance as per contract, technical support for project implementation.

Vivaan Solar as the Leading EPC / System Integrator

Vivaan Solar is a leading solar EPC /system integrator in India ranked among ‘Top 15’ companies as per Bridge To India report. Active since 2012 the company has commissioned nearly 100 MW of solar power through rooftop solar projects as well as grid connected solar parks. The company as ISO 14001:2004 certified company provides variety of services as EPC /system integrator, such as :-

Approvals and Liasoning

Approvals and Liasoning forms mostly initial phase of development of plant that includes-

(a) Project registration at MNRE (Ministry of Non Renewable Energy) nodal agency.
(b) LTOA (Long Term Open Agreement) related works.
(c) Plant commissioning certificate.
(d) (power purchase agreement) with private/government.
(e) Land related paper work.
(f) REC (Renewable Energy Certificate) related SLDC (State Load Dispatch Center) Registration.
(g) Accreditation Certificate.
(h) NLDC (National Load Dispatch Center)Registration.

Plant Design and Engineering

Every project comes with its own difficulties- soil, weather, wind, radiance, and topography. All these factors need to be taken in account while designing its layout. Appropriate plant design and PV parameters are one of the key components to generate maximum output and thus maximum project value.

(a) Selection of modules (based on capacity and efficiency).
(b) Markings based on topographical sheet.
(c) Panels are mounted as per the markings with minimum disturbance to the environment.

Construction and Procurement Management

(a) Robust and agile supply chain (Tier 1 vendors) with global network for timely delivery of system equipment.
(b) Inventory Management
(c) Quality and Inspection control
(d) Mounting Solutions
(e) Alignment of non module components with module component to generate better yield.
(f) Integrated planning, scheduling and execution system.
(g) Final commissioning.

Post Commissioning Management (O & M)

(a) Regular Cleaning- dust removal of panels and inverters
(b) Inspection of site.
(c) Removal and replacement of faulty equipments.
(d) Remote monitoring of plant.

With SCADA implementation, we can monitor functioning of our solar plant from anywhere. This enables us to:-
(a) Knows real time data from anywhere anytime.
(b) Detailed analysis to understand if power generated is as expected/designed.
(c) Know issues on-field with equipments and manage with effective O&M.
(d) Predict the power generation with certainty.

About Vivaan Solar

Vivaan Solar as a EPC contractor is a solar photovoltaic system installer & integrator. We have installed 60 MW solar park in Madhya Pradesh, 5 MW in Punjab, 8 MW in Uttarakhand and an upcoming park in Karnataka. Awarded SP 1A rating from SMERA We are also MNRE accredited channel partner for Rooftop. We have done turnkey works for multiple companies across the country and has third party agreements with some of the leading industries/commercial institutions across the state. We are an MNRE accredited channel partner. For more info you can visit our website: or contact us at mail-

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